Growth Lab

Get ahead with expert-led training

Attend free Shopify classes and learn from others in the industry.

Listen in as industry experts discuss a variety of topics that are relevant to Shopify business owners.

Be part of a small group and get step-by-step instructions on Shopify-related topics.

Following some Talks, Shopify business owners can join discussion groups to ask further questions that relate to their business needs and the topic of the talk.

Class List

  • Growth Lab

    SMS Masterclass: How to Amplify Your ROI with Mobile Marketing

  • Growth Lab

    Snapchat Ads Masterclass: Connect, Engage, and Start Selling to Generation Z

  • Growth Lab

    Facebook Masterclass: How to Set Up And Generate Sales From Facebook Ads

  • Growth Lab

    Influencer Masterclass: How to Work with Influencers and Generate a Positive ROI

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